About Farida Butt

Mrs Farida Butt

Mrs Farida Butt is an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) manager at the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre and her role is to ensure that everyone has access to education regardless of their status or background. Farida’s work at the refugee centre gives her the possibility to work with people who are seeking asylum, refugees and migrants, wanting to better their lives. She was born and bought up in Coventry and has lived in Italy for over 18 years, where she has taught English to students from ages 3 to 18: professionally in schools, organising summer clubs and after school clubs around the city in which she used to live, as well as teaching business English to business directors and their staff.  Her passion is to help people around the world, who choose Coventry as their home to better their level of English in order to achieve success. Farida is currently enrolled on the English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics Masters programme at Coventry University as a part-time student and implements TBL (Task-Based Learning) and CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) in to her everyday teaching. 

Farida is a consultant  and participant on ViVEXELT, in her dual role of manager at the Refugee and Migrant Centre, where she manages a team of seven English language teachers, and students on the MA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics at Coventry University.