There are various resources that will support your journey for your Continuous Professional Development. Some relate specifically to Virtual Exchange for ELT CPD (Contunuous Professional Development), others are more generic, either to develop your digital know-how for teaching online or to further your knowledge of ELT.

ViVEXELT videos
  1. Digital tools videos

These are videos that will support you in the use of digital tools that can be used for ELT.

AnswerGarden: Mr Ian Upton introduces AnswerGarden

Ian Upton introducing AnswerGarden

More coming soon


Unicollaboration is an association that aims to promote telecollaboration and Virtual Exchange.

Evolve project

EVOLVE (Evidence-Validated Online Learning through Virtual Exchange) was conducted as a project to mainstream Virtual Exchange (VE) as an innovative form of collaborative international learning across disciplines in Higher Education (HE) institutions in Europe and beyond.

E-twinning project

eTwinning is a free online community for schools in Europe and some neighbouring countries, which allows you to find partners and collaborate on projects within a secure network and platform. 

Valiant project

VALIANT is specifically designed for school teachers and classes of student teachers who are working or studying in rural areas or contexts where they have:

-Limited access to specialised experts and trainers.
-Difficulties attending workshops due to, for example, long driving distances.
-Difficulties to participate in in-house professional development activities

Teaching Speaking

Teaching speaking is a BBC/ British Council series of videos and interactive exercises to help you develop your students’ speaking skills.

FutureLearn MOOCs

There are many MOOCs, many designed by the British Council, that support the journey of English language teachers. You can join them for free. See for example: How to Plan and Teach Great English Lessons

Mentoring Handbook for Virtual Exchange Teachers

Reflective practice

Reflection on teaching practice can be supported by joining this free online course by the Open University

E-Moderating tips by Professor Gilly Salmon

This website provides very useful tips on e-moderation and also on how to help students cope at the time of the pandemic

Open Access Literature

The publisher offers numerous free books that can be downloaded from the Internet and they report on digital innovations. The latest one for 2021 is, as it happens, on Virtual Exchange: Towards Digital Equity in Internationalisation