ViVEXELT Symposium

Video recordings from the ViVEXELT Symposium held on 24/11/2021

The videos below include a full recording of the symposium or individual talks.

On borders, bubbles and badges
The ‘Online Teaching Speaking Lesson Plan Showcase’ and other reflections
E-CIIC participant-mediators reflections ‘in’ action, ‘on action’ ‘for action’

British Council Partners in Innovation Webinar

Power-Point slides from the British Council Partners in Innovation Webinar held on the 15/01/2021

ViVEXELT – a UK – VN Community of Practice to Develop E-Competencies During the COVID Pandemic

Plenary given at the ICTE1: The 1st International Conference of TESOL & Education
Van Lang University 22 January 2022

ViVEXELT Symposium 2