About An Duc Nguyen

Mrs An Duc Nguyen

An Duc Nguyen has been working as a university lecturer of English at Tay Bac University in a multi-ethnic, underserved and mountainous province in Northwest Vietnam since 2008. Obtaining a MA in TESOL, her research interests include EFL, English for community, employability, English for minorities and CALL. She got two prizes at the national ICT competition in 2014 and a TESOL International Convention Award, the USA. in 2017. She has been sponsored to attend training courses as well as to present in many national and international conferences, and published journal articles on these topics.

An has also served as a teacher trainer, organizer, coordinator and/or leader in a range of professional development projects sponsored by the National Foreign Language Project (MOET), Son La Provincial Department of Education and Training, Regional English Language Office, the US. Embassy, the British Council, VietTESOL Association, Aus4skills (Australia), etc. since 2011, such as RELO Vietnam Fulbright TEA Conference 2021; Partnered remote language improvement project 2021 (PRELIM); STEM in English Language Classes 2020-2021, English courses for science teachers 2020; Professional Development Webinars for Vietnamese K-12 EFL Teachers with New Textbook Series 2019-2022; Promoting Effective Instructional Approaches of Teaching English for Minority Students 2018, etc. She also acts as VietTESOL abstract reviewer (2017 to 2021) and TESOL International Convention Award reviewer (2019).

As an active and enthusiastic language educator, she has been involved in organizing, leading, coordinating many community-based English projects with the hope to contribute to her community’s socio-economic and educational development. Her major projects include Brave Girls 2017 (the U.S. Foreign Affairs); Developing Sustainable Employment Skills for Ethnic Female Students 2019 (U.S Embassy, Vietnam); The Beauty of the Rubbish 2019-2020 (Son La Youth Union, Students’ Union of Tay Bac University, Quyet Thang Secondary School & Binh Minh English Center); Supporting female students of minority groups at Tay Bac University 2020 (Aus4skills, Australia); PBL Online International Class 2020 (With The World INC., Japan); English for Community 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021 (National Foreign Language Project, Tay Bac University and Son La Provincial Youth Union), etc.

In ViVEXELT project (Vietnam Virtual Exchange for English Language Teaching), An has worked as a trainer and project member.